Thursday, June 29, 2006

Employment Tips - LISWiki

I know how some folks feel about Wikipedia. There are serious questions about accuracy, misinformation and deliberate vandalism. But what if librarians had their own wiki?

John Hubbard has done just that, created a wiki that is librarian specific and information validated. In this post I wanted to call attention to the "How To Prepare for A Library Job Page".

The focus is on librarian employment but library techs can benefit from much of the information presented. The information is listed in 7 steps. Each step clearly explains tips that you can use to snag a library job.

I really liked the In-Person interview section. It addresses the kind of questions librarians and library support people may face in an interview situation. It is worth a visit.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

FYI - The DaVinci Institute - Library Trends

I promise - this has nothing to do with the book or the movie. The DaVinci Institute is a futuristic think tank that seek answers and anticipate changes in society.

From my reading of a few pages on the site it seems to try to explain the future to entrepreneurs, business leaders and folks with a passion for information. There is a very interesting article on library future trends that you might want to check out.

Some of the trends mentions? Time compression of patrons, the transition to a verbal society and how library will shift from a center of information into a center of culture. My understanding is that in addition to the current roll libraries play they will also take on function similar to schools, museums and entertainment gathering places.

I can see that one already - my local library has presented weekly movies for years. The Brand library in Glendale has a series on classical music that is well attended.

It is a though provoking article.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Marcia Easterling - The First Interview Question

It is the season of graduations and new beginnings. And for some of you the search for a job or career begins. For some of us it begins again.

Marcia Easterling, from the Los Angeles County Office of Education, gives a great tip on preparing to answer the very first interview question. You don't have to be a high school person to goof this question up but a little pre-planning can move you a bit closer to the job of your dreams.

Click the photo or this link for the Windows video version.
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For more information on the Los Angeles County Regional Occupational Project visit the

Saturday, June 17, 2006

"You've Got To Find What You Love" - Steve Jobs

This may be preaching to the choir but as I was cruising the Career/Job Placement site I came upon the link to the text of Steve Jobs 2005 Commencement Address at Stanford University.

Most people would like their lives to go in a straight path. School, Work, Play. If you are lucky it doesn't quite work that way. The courageous learn early to take a different road. The rest of us figure it out eventually.

PCC Career/Job Placement Center Videos

An often neglected resource is the PCC Career/Job Placement Center. I think a mistake that many students, especially older students make is that there is nothing but part-time or entry level jobs available or that the Career Center may not hold anything of value to their particular subject interest.

What they may not consider is that some of the rules of looking for employment have changed in the last 5 to 15 years. There have been changes in resume formats, in applying for employment, particularly electronic application methods and the types of questions that can be asked at an interview.

One of the best unspoken feature about using the PCC Student Employment and Career Center is that you have a employment counselor that is more than willing to talk with you about your issues, for free.

A neat feature I just discovered is the Career Center has a Multimedia page that contains videos on career topics that you can view from your home computer. If Asking Questions, Telephone Interviews, and Dining Etiquette (yes, you might have a lunch interview) is keeping you up at night then I suggest a quick visit to this section of the site.

The videos are in the QuickTime format – you will need the QuickTime Player which most folks have on their computers. If not, you can download a free copy by visiting

Women At Work - A Non-Profit Career Center

For Library Technology students and graduates this is great local resource in addition to the the PCC Student Career Center. Part of our challenge is to locate traditional and non-traditional jobs that can use our specialized skills.
Sometimes employment assistance can be as close as across the street and up the block.

Women at Work in Pasadena has been helping people from a variety of backgrounds find employment. It is a unique non-profit organization. I should know. I started out as a client, volunteer and later an employee of the center. It is open to all people, all income levels and has a wide variety of services, many of them free or low cost.

Here is what they have to offer. The Resource Room is open to anyone, men and women to view the daily job listings that have been submitted by employers. The employers range from small businesses to major companies like Avery in Pasadena, ABC-TV and The Walt Disney Company. The contact is made between the job seeker and the employer.

There is a request for a small donation (whatever change you have in your wallet) but no one is turned away from the Resource Room. There are special programs that are geared to older workers trying to find employment, counseling to address your specific job needs and a variety of workshops on job and career topics.

Women at Work has jobs forums where representatives from various industries come to talk about what it is like to work in a specific areas like finance, entertainment, health care and other career paths.

For more information and to view a calendar of events visit

Sunday, June 04, 2006

From Student to Teacher – Jitka Hora

One of the unspoken questions that come up for myself and my classmates is “Are we going to survive these classes?” or “Is there life after Lib102 or Lib105?” Sometimes you need to see a living example of those that came before you in the program, just to let you know that this is doable.

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Jitka was a student in the Library Technology program and now is a staff member in the Technical Services department. Our class had a session on preparing books and she was our instructor for the evening.

A very patient instructor. I can't tell you the number of books that we mangled, more from nerves than anything else. Well that and clumsy fingers. She was very calm and reassuring.

This is just a quick video on what we experienced. We hope to get a lot better at prepping books. We can't get any worse. I'm looking forward to the repair class, I have a book or two in need of repair. I will not be so worried about goofing up a brand new book.