Sunday, June 04, 2006

From Student to Teacher – Jitka Hora

One of the unspoken questions that come up for myself and my classmates is “Are we going to survive these classes?” or “Is there life after Lib102 or Lib105?” Sometimes you need to see a living example of those that came before you in the program, just to let you know that this is doable.

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Jitka was a student in the Library Technology program and now is a staff member in the Technical Services department. Our class had a session on preparing books and she was our instructor for the evening.

A very patient instructor. I can't tell you the number of books that we mangled, more from nerves than anything else. Well that and clumsy fingers. She was very calm and reassuring.

This is just a quick video on what we experienced. We hope to get a lot better at prepping books. We can't get any worse. I'm looking forward to the repair class, I have a book or two in need of repair. I will not be so worried about goofing up a brand new book.

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Diana said...

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited to see this blog up and running. As some of you know, I'm a tech in the Circ Dept. here at the Shatford Library. I did my certificate at Citrus, but fortunately, nobody held that against me when I interviewed for the job. ;-)

Jitka is awesome! I'm so happy to see that Gena wrote about her and the video is cool! I fumbled my way through processing books during my certificate classes (let me just say that tape and kapco covers are NOT my friends!) but Jitka always does a beautiful job. She's my mending/processing idol! I mostly work with textbook reserves, and I am always amazed by how perfect everything is and how quickly she does it all!! We sure are lucky to have her here, and let me tell you LT students that you are learning from an excellent teacher!!!!