Tuesday, June 27, 2006

FYI - The DaVinci Institute - Library Trends

I promise - this has nothing to do with the book or the movie. The DaVinci Institute is a futuristic think tank that seek answers and anticipate changes in society.

From my reading of a few pages on the site it seems to try to explain the future to entrepreneurs, business leaders and folks with a passion for information. There is a very interesting article on library future trends that you might want to check out.

Some of the trends mentions? Time compression of patrons, the transition to a verbal society and how library will shift from a center of information into a center of culture. My understanding is that in addition to the current roll libraries play they will also take on function similar to schools, museums and entertainment gathering places.

I can see that one already - my local library has presented weekly movies for years. The Brand library in Glendale has a series on classical music that is well attended.

It is a though provoking article.

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