Saturday, June 17, 2006

PCC Career/Job Placement Center Videos

An often neglected resource is the PCC Career/Job Placement Center. I think a mistake that many students, especially older students make is that there is nothing but part-time or entry level jobs available or that the Career Center may not hold anything of value to their particular subject interest.

What they may not consider is that some of the rules of looking for employment have changed in the last 5 to 15 years. There have been changes in resume formats, in applying for employment, particularly electronic application methods and the types of questions that can be asked at an interview.

One of the best unspoken feature about using the PCC Student Employment and Career Center is that you have a employment counselor that is more than willing to talk with you about your issues, for free.

A neat feature I just discovered is the Career Center has a Multimedia page that contains videos on career topics that you can view from your home computer. If Asking Questions, Telephone Interviews, and Dining Etiquette (yes, you might have a lunch interview) is keeping you up at night then I suggest a quick visit to this section of the site.

The videos are in the QuickTime format – you will need the QuickTime Player which most folks have on their computers. If not, you can download a free copy by visiting

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Diana said...

Gena, you are so right! The Career/Job Placement Center is a great resource. In fact, they have lots of information on all kinds of different careers. Just recently I asked Pat Craig if she had any info on becoming a firefighter. I have a friend of mine who's thinking of going into that field. She was so helpful!

Also, there are several computer programs that students can use to explore various career paths. They even have videos, too!! Before I came to PCC, I worked at another community college and used the job placement office there. I still use the materials and advice I got from them! In fact, some of it helped me get my job at PCC!

So, if some of you out there need a little guidance in looking for a job or finding the right vocation, the PCC Career/Job Placement Center is THE place to go!! I know that Pat Craig and her staff would be happy to help!

Best of luck to all of you!