Saturday, June 17, 2006

Women At Work - A Non-Profit Career Center

For Library Technology students and graduates this is great local resource in addition to the the PCC Student Career Center. Part of our challenge is to locate traditional and non-traditional jobs that can use our specialized skills.
Sometimes employment assistance can be as close as across the street and up the block.

Women at Work in Pasadena has been helping people from a variety of backgrounds find employment. It is a unique non-profit organization. I should know. I started out as a client, volunteer and later an employee of the center. It is open to all people, all income levels and has a wide variety of services, many of them free or low cost.

Here is what they have to offer. The Resource Room is open to anyone, men and women to view the daily job listings that have been submitted by employers. The employers range from small businesses to major companies like Avery in Pasadena, ABC-TV and The Walt Disney Company. The contact is made between the job seeker and the employer.

There is a request for a small donation (whatever change you have in your wallet) but no one is turned away from the Resource Room. There are special programs that are geared to older workers trying to find employment, counseling to address your specific job needs and a variety of workshops on job and career topics.

Women at Work has jobs forums where representatives from various industries come to talk about what it is like to work in a specific areas like finance, entertainment, health care and other career paths.

For more information and to view a calendar of events visit

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