Monday, July 17, 2006

California Library Association Career Page

In our classes we are constantly checking in at the ALA web site – for very good reason s but let us not forget the home grown stuff.

The California Library Association has valuable links for library staff workers, librarian newbies and wannabies (honest these are technical terms ;-)

If you are looking for information about the career paths into the field they have links on the main page that will guide you to various information paths. The EDD Labor Market link that I followed gave me an insight to what the California job market for library workers is and the current pay rates for librarians. A link further down the page has similar information for Library Assistants.

If your goal is to become a librarian there are links to San Jose State and UCLA programs. And if you want to teach rug rats and ankle climbers (okay, not technical terms but you catch the drift) then you can check out programs for library/teacher credentialing.

Still want more? Got you covered. There are downloadable Adobe PDF's on "Day In the Life Interviews"

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