Thursday, July 13, 2006

Library Tech Older Worker Job Search

Some of my classmates have expressed concerns about being hired. For those that are middle aged or seniors this is a question generated from experience. Having experienced both sides of age discrimination, I know where the question comes from. Fear.

I have no affection for companies that are bone dumb about hiring older workers. If anything, it makes me pro-active about making sure I find the companies and employers that can see past a birthday and look at the qualification of a person.

I have two sites that mature library technology students might want to take a look at for possible job listings.

Retired is a web site listing employment specifically for older job seekers. The job listings are gathered from private employers and employment agencies. There is an job section divided into categories. I found three categories for Library, Library Technician and Library Assistant employment. It is not perfect.

I checked all three sections. Don't bother with Library Assistant section; it is a dumping ground for all clerical positions and many jobs listed that have nothing to do with working in a library setting.

Library Technician had a few more library employment positions but the listings contained every job that had the word "technician" in the title. The best category was Library but their were only five jobs listed. I would recommend this as a site to check once a month. There are other employment features on the site but I would give it a "C" at this point.

I'm still a little young for AARP but on the web site they do have a section for employers that are willing to hire older workers. They also have tips for those folks that need age specific strategies for finding employment. AARP has an association with The direct link to the AARP/Monster job listing is

There was a combined category for Education/Training/Library but you can type in a keyword. It had a similar problem as Retired Brain - it pulled up all listing with the word "library" but there was no way to filter to get exactly what you wanted. Still I did find library tech and library assistant positions. I am not convinced that this is any different than the regular entry into Monster's job database but I could be wrong.

To both sites credit, they did have employment related support information. AARP has an easy to view and accessible menu to all the job support information. Check it out, you never know where you might find an opportunity.

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