Monday, July 17, 2006

Meet The Classmates - More Conversation with Terry

People often say they don’t know how to network but it is something that is done everyday. One of the easiest ways to get the hang of networking is actually talking with your classmates.

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In my most recent classes both on-line and real world, I have met a screenwriter, a future medical librarian, a bunch of writers and videographers, technology nerds & geeks, artists, painters, poets, activists, and I think there is a horticulture person in the mix someplace.

Oh, I almost forgot the guy who restores old homes in New England.

You don’t know who you know until you ask. Why dig up a resource from scratch if you have a built in experience person who can give you a short cut or quick perspective on how to approach to a topic?

You might have a person like Terry, who in this interview segment gives his perspective on the advantages of being a male library staff worker in a High School library setting.

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