Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fact Check.Org - Truth vs. Facts

Fact is a nonprofit, nonpolitical resource for citizens that have learned to verify before trusting anything from a political, corporate or public resource.

Funded by the Annenberg Center on Public Policy and located at the University of Pennsylvania, Fact evaluates the truthfulness of statements made by politicians, advocacy groups (both politically left and right) and other organizations that use the media to advance their message. It accepts no monitary donations.


On the day that I visited there was an explanation that a false e-mail is being circulated that members of Congress don't pay Social Security taxes. The site provides the documentation to validate that members of Congress do indeed pay Social Security taxes and can received benefits.

Another section deals with the claim that the Republicans created the Department of Homeland Security when in fact the White House resisted the departments creation. Again there is documentation to support that fact.

The Democrates do not get off easy either, they ran an web video that associated terrorism with undocumented workers. The video has since been removed.

With the political season about to begin this site is a necessary resource.

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