Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Advanced Information Management - Library Staff Jobs

Advanced Information Management (AIM) is a staffing agency for temporary and permanent placement agency. AIM specialty is library and information based jobs for Northern and Southern California.

This company services academic, public, and corporate libraries as well as other business that might need the skills of a trained or experienced library worker.

You can search the job database to get a sense of the kind of jobs that are open. However when I used the database there was only one position. As an experienced temporary employee, I know that many positions are filled within an hour or two so this is not a knock against the database.

One of the pages that I found really helpful is the Events calendar - it is a listing of some of the library events and conferences that are happening around town and in California. This is always a good way to network and making connections to the folks that may eventually hire you.

Using a specialized staffing agency like AIM can help you get the experience that you might need. It can help to supplement your income or give you a chance to find out if you really want to work in a law library.

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