Sunday, September 10, 2006

Google News Archive Search

As a student in the program I love having access to newspapers and magazine archives via ProQuest. Yep, it was a-ok with me. A little bit of a learning curve but volumes of goodies.

Just introduced, Google has a news archive search. This isn't the same as when you use Google News to look up past stories. This news archive will place the subject of the article either in a search context with the dates available or in a time line view.

I'm still going to use ProQuest (and I'd advise you to learn to do the same if you value your grades) but I like have another web tool to play with.


Joie said...

Not related to the lovely topic but a blog by a PCC professor is right here

It's a great place to view a wide variety of opinions offered by a blogger. Not to mention he has one of the very few completely strange throught processes you might enjoy. He covers mainly subjects like feminism, women's history, his religion, etc.

Joie said...
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