Sunday, September 17, 2006

Job Leads From Mrs. Kim

You might have missed the e-mail that Mrs. Kim sent a few days ago so here is another chance to check out employment opportunities.
  1. INTERNSHIP at PASADENA PUBLIC LIBRARY: This is non-paying internship and you gain one unit by working 90 hours at Pasadena Public Library this fall semester. Contact Joanne Kim for this sign up.
  2. Paid INTERNSHIP at THE CALIFORNIA COURT OF APPEALS LIBRARY: This Library would like to hire two LT Program students by paying $13/hr. Public transportation cost or parking will also be reimbursed. 30 hrs.per week divided to two students. Send your letter of application and resume by FAX to (213) 897-2429. Or contact: Carol Ebbinghouse, Court of Appeal Library, 300 South Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90013 (213) 830-7241.
  3. Paid JOB at a parochial school: Immaculate Heart High School is seeking a part-time library staff. 15 hours/week, M-F, 3-6 at a private middle and high school for girls. $10.00/hr. Basic Cataloging, supervising & assisting students, circulation and special projects under the supervision of the Assistant Librarian. FAX (323-462-0610) resume to: Ms. Virginia Hurst, Principal, Immaculate Heart High School
  4. Charles Drew University Library is seeking a Library Technician.
  5. Art Center College of Design in Pasadena is seeking a Library Technician. Inquire at:Anita Flynn, Human Resources, Art Center 1700 Lida Street Pasadena, CA 91103 (626) 396-2270 or (626) 683-0559 FAX


Joie said...

I'm trying very hard to get into the internship with PCC. It hasn't been easy. You have to go to the registration and get a slip that Mz. Kim will have to sign. Then I'm hoping to become an intern at Pas. Public Lib. so I am excited and frustrated at equal moments.

I wonder if any of the other students are having as much trouble adding the field study. I need the experience but I am a bit nervous about overtaxing my schedule.

Gena said...

Well, I'm thinking that since you signed up for via registration you have a good chance of being an intern.

The program and PPL have a real good relationship. They are probably just knocking out the details.

The time thing is a concern. You do have to balance your life, studies and outside activities. I was really tired last year cuz I didn't do that as well as I could.

That planning thing is working for me so far, when I remember to check it. ;-)