Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Too Many Books - So Little Time - A Blog That Understands Me

I blame Rod Serling. There was an episode of the Twilight Zone that marked my need for books for life. I'm not letting the end of the world find me under-read or book deprived. No siree, I've got my pile of books and there will always room for one more.

I found a blog that shares my pain on not getting to every book I lay eyes on. Too Many Books, So Little Time give brief opinions and reviews of books. I can get a glimmer of what is out there and make notes to keep an look-out for the new goodies that are being published.

P.S. Beware of blog posting at 4:30am. You are not at awake as you think you are.

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Mary Ann said...

Hi Gena,
I also love sites like this. I actually started one several years ago so that I could remember authors and titles, a brief review (which I nabbed from Amazon---but gave credit!). It is great since often we library people are referring books to people.

It is hard to keep up to date though...Now that I looked at it, I haven't updted it since 2004! AAGGhhhhGH!

Have you see the LibrarianinBlack site?

You are doing a great job and service to the LT community! Mary Ann