Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Library Blog Quickies - What Folks Are Talking About

The Amused Muse has an interesting post about LC versus Dewey. Actually I don't find it much of a "versus" post. To me it is more comparing and contrasting the two types of classification systems. Both have strengths and weaknesses.

It is a quick read but it helped me understand some basic concepts of LC and Dewey.

Over at Rambling Librarian he has got an interesting post how it may not matter if patrons use DDC or any other classification system. In a future time they might have a Personal Digital Assistant Device (PDA) that guides them to the books or maps out the areas in the library where they might find what interest them.

And finally an unexpected treasure for those of you planning on working with kids, Library Kid Music Blog is a review of the various musical artists that make music for the younger set. It doesn't have to sound like dribble. There is good stuff and more appropriate than a three year old trying to sing the words to "Gold Digger"

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