Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Take One Down and Pass It Around - Book Mooch

Let's say that you had a burning desire for a book. But you didn't want to go into a store and you don't really want to visit or It is not about selling. It is more of making sure your book is going to a good loving home. Have I got a place for you.

Book Mooch is an extension of a growing idea of recycling information and culture. You have a book that you've read and enjoyed but your not going to read it again. You can post your book or certain magazines on Book Mooch and trade with other people. You pay for the shipping if you are the sender but you pay nothing if you are the receiver of the book.

But wait, there is more. You earn points for sending books and receiving books. You can also donate books to certain charities that are on the lookout for what you have, such as prisons, libraries and hospitals. Cool, huh?

You can sign up for a free membership. You earn or lose your reputation by the number of books you give and take. For more information visit:

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