Monday, November 13, 2006

Urban Dictionary – Putting the Funk in Your Wagner's

Keeping up the the latest slang can be a full time job. Just when you think you know your "Boo" from "fo shizzle" here comes a piece of dandruff to make you go whack. Fear not, help is at hand.

The Urban Dictionary is a catalog of past, present and just created about 10 minutes ago words and terms used by the young, the gifted and the scatologically inclined. If you are easily offended you do not want to visit this site.

The Urban Dictionary is a safe way to figure out what is on the minds of folks and how the language, in this case English is being recreated. Text messaging, emoticons and mashed in standard English are giving birth to a new strain of communication.

For example:
  • Shoulder surfing – talking to one person but on the look out for someone better to talk to.
  • D & D – Drug and Disease Free (for posting on a dating site).
  • I Ain't Fronting Holmes – I'm telling you the truth, my friend.
Not to be confused with the other meaning of Holmes which you will have to research for yourself.

You can sign up for RSS feeds to keep you in the know on new words as they appear. You can also receive them via your cell phone or post the word of the day on your site or blog.

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