Thursday, December 28, 2006

Library Marketing Blog by Jill Stover

So if you read the prior post and did the modules on what library marketing is and the benefits you are in a good place to understand what the heck folks are talking about. One place to ramp up to speed is the Library Marketing blog by Jill Stover.

She has opinions, she point out example of libraries that are doing outreach to teens such as a library in North Carolina that has a Gaming Zone once a month.

The Library Marketing blog is loaded with tips, definitions, examples and common sense ideas that most of us can put into place. Well, almost. She has a link to an article that talks about the similarities of a retail store and a library and with a little adjustment to the layout you could increase foot traffic. The actual article is located at

I dunno. If I'm craving Cherry Garcia Ice Cream I know I have to go to the refrigerated section. If I'm pinning for Japanese Short Stories then is there a way by design to get me to that section faster? I'm sticking with Dewey on this one but will check out the article. So should you.

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Jill said...

Hi, Gena! Thanks for mentioning my blog. I hope you're finding some useful stuff. Not everything from the business/retail world translates exactly to libraries, but I think there are lots of sources of inspiration from all sorts of places that we ought to be paying attention to, whether or not we adopt everything we see. If there are any topics you'd like me to look into, just let me know! :-)