Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Library Staff Blogs - An Overview

I've been yapping about blogs, vlogs and podcasts. I've tried to show folks why this may or may not have a relevance in your library careers, no matter if you are going toward becoming a librarian or hanging out in the stacks sniffing books.

Well, I think I have a few examples of how library staff blogs can be an internal help to library workers.

We start our journey at the Bailey Library at Washtenaw Community College staff blog. This blog is used to keep the staff up to day on the library issues of the day, re-caps of seminars and lectures that staff members have attended and information tips to aid them in helping their patrons. http://carabosse.commons.is.wccnet.org/wp

The Ottowa Library is similar to Bailey but there are some added features like a permanent reminders of the circulation procedures and a page for new employees. It is a fairly new blog but I hope the staff can find a way to integrate it more into their work life. http://ottlibstaff.wordpress.com

I really like this next blog. First of all there is more than one person working on it. Personal bias showing, sorry. The Noreen Reale Falcone Library Staff Blog really talks about the day to day things that happen at the library from snack time to "don't let that guy take out a single book."

The archives have information on security issues, database problems and my favorite, Reference Announcements - if there is a hot topic that a librarian or staff work has found the answer they can share it with their co-workers.

For example, there was a problem with patrons using a free database site called Chemfinder.com Someone found out that the site allows only two free searches and then wants the user to pay for the professional version. A solution has been found and now the entire staff has the information they need to deal with the problem. http://lemoynelibrary.blog.com

So there you have it. Library staff blogs can help workers have access to the day to day information that gets lost and found all day long. These blogs can document upcoming information request by patrons and provide helpful or necessary tools and suggestions that the staff needs to do their jobs.

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Mary Ann said...

Hi Gena,
I enjoyed reading this posting on Library Staff blogs...and I am going to check them out...

Thanks for posting the RSS subscribe button. I think it will help people feel connected.
Mary Ann