Tuesday, December 05, 2006

State of Main Library Use Calculator

I saw this at one of the library blogs but I wanted to call attention to it. It is an interesting idea.

This is on the State of Main website http://www.maine.gov/msl/services/calculator.htm

What is the value of the library's internet service? How much are you making in renting out the middle conference room? What is the dollar value of the number of reference questions answered by staff?

I'm not a library administrator nor librarian so I sat and thought about how much time I used to log into various library computer stations before I got a computer. At $10 per hour I could have bought a junker of a car with the value of my time. And certainly it cost the library a heck of a lot more to provide those services in the early 1990s.

If the library didn't exists how much would we have to pay for access? Or would we have access at all?

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