Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bibliographic Assistance - NoodleBib Express

I have multiple copies of the yellow “Guide to Preparing an MLA Format Work Cited List”. It has been getting a workout both in and out of classes. I review and check my papers before I turn them in for grading. I find out after the fact that I’ve dropped a comma or bold an item when it should have been underlined.

On one of the list servs that I belong to there was a great question about on-line citation generators. Huh? I never even thought to check.

Before we dive in I need to share an important caution. Keep the PCC Shatford reference guide by your side. Each school has its own requirement for following the citation formats. One size of bibliographic creation generator does not fit all.

We start our journey with NoodleBib Express - a free on-line citation generator. If you don't need a master list of citation and you just need to pop off a few quick ones this is the place. You choose from MLA or APA format and follow the question prompts. There is a wide variety of formats available, don't forget to pull down the menu for traditional and on-line choices.

For example, I might have cited a song by David Bowie. It is on a Compact Disc. Here is how NoodleBib Express will handle it:
Bowie, David. "Changes." Best of Bowie. EMI Records, LTD, 2002. 
Too cool and under 30 seconds. Now if you have multiple citations and you don't feel like copying and pasting there are other options. But to reduce the stress level this is a great little bon-bon when you are plowing through your reports.

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