Friday, January 19, 2007

CSUN's Knowledge Management Program

Most of you have received Mrs. Kim's e-mail about the new library program at California State University Northridge in theTseng College of Extended Learning. I was curious about the program so I visited the web site to get more information.

There are a number of distinctive features about this program:
  • It is a distance learning program - you will take your classes online and interact with your instructors and classmates via the Internet. For those of us that have day jobs or time constraints this is great news.
  • Students that start the program at the same time will graduate with the same class members. Information learned in one semester is built upon in the next series of classes.
  • There are specific classes students must take - you don't get to pick and choose subjects.
  • The Knowledge Management Masters program is accredited (as far as I could determine) by the Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities for the Western Association of Schools (WASC). The MLS program web page is not up and there is a question about ALA accreditation. When more becomes available I'll post it.
If you think you might be interested you need to start the process ASAP. Applications are being accepted up to May 31, 2007 for the September 2007 semester; that's if there are any seats available in the class. Even if you think you might be interested let them know, I'm sure the program will be willing to answer any questions that you have.

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TienKM said...

Please check out one of CSUN's KM course blog: There you will find the students who are in this program, such as me and others. I'm in the process of creating my blog too.