Sunday, April 29, 2007

An Iraqi Woman and Her Library - Alive From Baghdad

There are times when we need to pay attention. Librarians and library workers are joined across the world in the goal of providing services for their communities. This is a video from Alive from Baghdad.

Alive from Baghdad is a collaboration between American and Iraqi videobloggers to show the current living conditions in Iraqi independent of traditional news media and the U.S. government. My reason for posting the video is only to show this one particular aspect that affect this woman and her place of employment.

In her own words, Librarian Hameeda Al-Bassam shares her love of books, how she got the job and her current commute to work in a wheelchair. Twice a week she crosses a bridge with military checkpoints to get to her job at the library. The video is captioned.

If you need to view the video in alternate video formats click here.
You will be transfered to the Alive From Baghdad blog.

The reason I want to suggest this video for viewing is that despite the language and the distance there are commonalities of experiences that we all share. There is a resonance that moves most of us beyond the realm of commerce.

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