Sunday, April 15, 2007

Salary Survey for Non MLS Library Employees

This was posted in the COLT discussion group. It is a sample extract of a report on the salary range of library employees. You can take a look at the full sample on the ALA-APA site at

Here is a peek:
  • Library Technical Assistants in ten functional areas (average salary for Reference was $30,818 public and $29,843 academic)

  • Clerks in 11 functional areas (average salary for Acquisitions Clerk was $31,018 public and $28,790 academic)

  • Information Technology Managers (average salary was $56,822 public and $51,214 academic)

As usual I have questions. Is this the national average or a true representation of what is being paid across the country? California living expenses being what they are this is a little less than what we need.

On the other hand, these rates may or may not include benefits or other job perks that could sweeten the offer.

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