Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cuesta College LT On-Line Classes

It seemed that I am constantly being involved in questions of copyright, ethics and issues of fair use. The blogging and vlogging communities are fighting conflicting battles about what they can and can't use in their posts, podcasts and vlogs.

This issue extends beyond blogging to music and the right to play purchase commercial music without the problems of digital rights management gunking up your computer system or media player, issues of personal safety such as identity theft and the ethics of "just because you can technologically do something, should you?

Last September I took an on-line class at Cuesta College on Ethics in the Information Age with Dr. David Dowell. We started with a brief overview of what ethics is and guidelines that would help us evaluate the information presented in the class.

From that point on we proceeded to learn about the ethical consideration that library workers would need to be aware of in a modern library. It was an interesting class because we all came to it from various perspectives. I highly recommend the Ethics class.

Cuesta College has other on-line classes that might interest you:

For Fall 2007 you might want to check out:

Classes with no prerequisite and no on-campus orientation:

  • ONLINE 1 - Introduction to Online Courses
  • LIBINF 2 - Introduction to Web Technologies and Concepts
  • LIBINF 6 - Introduction to the Internet
  • LIBINF 7 - Web Page Development with HTML
  • LIBINF 17 - Ethics in the Information Age
Class with prerequisites but no on-campus orientation:
  • CIS 10 - Introduction to Computer Applications (prerequisite: ENGL 56)
  • ENGL 1A - English Composition (prerequisite: ENGL 50, ENGL 56 or ENGL 65)
  • LIBINF 8 - Library Supervision (prerequisites ONLINE 1 & LIBINF 1)
  • LIBINF 9 - Library Public Services (prerequisites ONLINE 1 & LIBINF 1)
  • LIBINF 10 - School Libraries (prerequisites ONLINE 1 & LIBINF 1)
  • LIBINF 11 - JavaScript Fundamentals (prerequisite LIBINF 7)
  • LIBINF 13 - Advanced Internet Searching (prerequisite LIBINF 6)
I know we are time crunched but if you can consider taking on of the above classes to supplement your library technology learning experience.

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