Sunday, May 20, 2007

LibTech Grad Speak on Job Outlook

It is always good to hear from those that went before us in the program. I asked the question, What would you tell the Library Tech 101 students about the job situation. This is her answer.

I'm sorry that I can't give you her name. She did tell me and I could see it on the name tag.

However, I zoomed in too close and my brain cells ain't what they use to be. If you know who this is please leave a note in the comments section and I will update the blog post.

I hope that the picture isn't as bleak for Librarians as her answer reflects but I always try to see the positive side. In this case maybe folks are looking in traditional library settings and not realizing that they could find higher paying gigs in the business sector with the exact same skill set.

I'm thinking places that do search engine optimizations, certainly the online directories, corporations and large medical institutions that are not hospital related.

I can also see a need for people to help individuals and companies navigate personal medical and health care issues. I don't know if there is a job for that but there is certainly a need for that type of service.

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