Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pitching You - Market Yourself in 15 Seconds

Those of you that can should have made your reservations for the Job and Career Mock Interview session that will happen May 12, 2007. Even if you went to the event last year you should stop by to find out the new stuff or meet and greet with the folks.

One of the skills we need is the ability to tell folks who we are and the value we bring to their company. The best way is to present yourself and your skills as briefly as possible.

15 Second Pitch might be able to help you make your introduction a bit smother.

The first thing that you do is type your name in the Google search wizard. This is not a bad idea, even if you don't have a web page or blog.

Many employers are now doing Internet checks to see if you have public posts or photos that could be embarrassing in a professional setting. I tend to forget that I've done interviews or my posts on my other blog can be listed.

I haven't done anything that I'm worried or ashamed about yet. I have made a few comments about traditional news and mainstream media that might prevent me from being considered for a news librarian assistant or news researcher position. That and a certain music video could keep me out of a number jobs.

Or those comments could be the thing that gets me hired. You never know. (Hey, don't do the “Girls Gone Wild” thing ok? And if you have, you might want to reel back those photos and videos or replace them.)

Next you use the wizard to construct your pitch. There are very simple questions that maybe hard for you to answer. You need to respond in one sentence for each question asked.

When you are finished the wizard will create your pitch and display it on the screen. You can also view a collection of pitches such as the examples below:

My name is Sophie O'Gorman and I am an Artist specializing in Adventure for the Spirit. I write screenplays, direct short digital films, sometimes shoot them, edit and organise for their distribution. I'm a crazy Australian girl who can't get enough of the world. Take a look at my website and let me know what you think.

My name is David Watkins and I am a Professional Speaker specializing in humorous and motivational presentations. I provide professional quality speeches that are entertaining, informative, and motivational and which may also make you think a bit. My creativity enables me to craft humorous speeches and tall tales that can entertain a wide variety of audiences. Call me to find out what I can do to entertain and motivate you and your group.

My name is Carol Abbott and I am a researcher specializing in business and financial news. I read and scan business journals from more than 30 metropolitan areas. With 18 years of experience at the largest newsclipping service I can help you stay informed.

So check it out at

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for writing about 15SecondPitch!! When I graduated from college, I had about 6ok in student loan debt and could not write a resume, didn't know how to network or interview! I did get to read a lot of very edgy literature though, which was fun. It did not pay the rent though, I must say! Please keep me posted on your progress and let me know how your 15SecondPitch is working for you. Best,:) laura