Saturday, June 30, 2007

Adobe Digital Editions - Personal E-Book Management

Ah free time. What is a person to do with reclaim hours in the day? When one of the things I did was check of CNet's for new stuff about to float to the cyber surface.

Seth Rosenblatt had and interesting video on a new product from Adobe called Digital Editions. I have .pdf files all over the place on my computer so anything that can help me keep track of the 300+ e-books, articles, help guides and manuals would be a really good thing.

So I cruse over to the Adobe Digital Editions product page to scope out the action for myself. It is a small Flash based program. I'm giving it a test run to see if Seth is on point with his review.

First thing that I did was to download the program and install it. Fairly straightforward. Next, I picked up a few of the free sample books that where available.

The books I selected from are in the public domain or sample chapters from publishers. According to the FAQ you can also use this to view e-books from the public libraries that offer them.

When I clicked on the book one of two things happened. Ether it when directly into the program and I could see the book on the screen or it was saved to my hard drive. I will have to hunt for them later.

So far the program does what it claims to do. One of the features that I immediately like is the zoom in page tool. I know some folks with low vision who need to have the ability to magnify type.

I'm going to spin it around the block and whip up my own video demonstration. If you do decide to download keep in mind that this is a first generation product and knowing Adobe they will work to make it better.

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