Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pixelodeon 2007 - Shameless Plug

I do try to keep my blogging experiences separate but I gotta make an exception in this case. I can honestly say that the library program help me to prepare for this event.

Pixelodeon 2007 is a exploration of online videos and a sampling of the diversity of content that can be found on the Internet. On June 9 and June 10, 2007 hosted at the American Film Institute will be a gathering of vloggers, lost souls, techies, media scribes, content creators, friends, family and those trying to make a buck off of this web video thing.

I am one of the curators of the event. My category is Social Justice, Community and Awareness. What I wanted to do was to show examples of people with a "problem" finding paths to solutions.

For example, one of the videos is an alert put out by deaf performers about the reduction of funding for the National Theater of the Deaf. Another video demonstrates how a Horticultural society networks with prison inmates to produce organic food for low income residents in Philadelphia. Or it is 3am and you need a condom. Can your local laundry mat help you out?

So how did the library program help me? Inspiration thoughts came from Library 104 about discussions about acquisition and collection practices. There were some readings that helped me make decisions.

Library 101 had discussions about weeding practices which I certainly had to do with some of my initial selections. Even Library 105 A and B had something to do with it - how do I classify this as a "social justice" video? What would be the video equivalent of an access point?

And Library 103 - doing presentations & shelving books exposed me to new stuff books and ideas to check out. I'm not a media professional. I'm not a librarian. But I was able to find the tools and resources that I needed thanks to the skills I've learned via the program.

I guess I want to say that you don't have to know everything. You can't. You just have to be open to learning where to look for information.

Now if I could just get into Library 102.

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