Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Library News - Never A Dull Moment

I don't know why people think libraries are boring, stuffy places. Yes libraries contain books, DVDs and wireless connections but libraries also contain people. People are not boring and this is a current round-up of libraries in the news.

International Library News

From the Times of India there is an column by Gurcharan Das who explains how he started going to the library, how the library system works in India and the different between a lending library and a free library in India.

The Yomiuri Shimbun via The Daily Yomiuri in Japan reports that many library books are returned damaged. This is beyond normal wear and tear damage. Food damage, animal bits and writing the "who done it" on the first page of mystery novels revels a different understanding of respect for a library book means in some cutures.

To quote a passage from the article:
About six months ago, a staff member at a public library in the Kinki district found a picture book that had been returned with nearly all the pages covered in crayon scribbles. When a library worker brought the damage to the attention of the woman who returned the book, the borrower said, "this [damage] should be permissible since we are paying taxes," the staff member said.

The William J. Clinton Library in Arkansas is not only good for the community but it also draws tourist from around the world to visit the museum. Arkansas Matters has a report and a video clip of the anniversary celebration

Libraries Closures and Reduced Hours

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that there was not full disclosure about the statistic responsible for closing 11 libraries in the city. Many of the libraries being closed were built by Andrew Carnegie. WPVI Channel 6 has a short video of the community being concerned about a local branch being closed.

The that covers Grass Valley and Nevada County California also reports budget troubles. Temporary workers could lose their jobs and branch hours may be cut to make up a budget shortage.
Until the economy brightens, the library has discontinued several online search databases and postponed regular maintenance, such as fresh coats of paint.
Ironically, the state of the economy has driven many to the library for free books, music CDs and movie rentals.
Homework Over Gaming

The Daily Herald reports that the Eagle Mountain library will ban afternoon online gaming at the library. Seem it was too popular with the game players and school kids that needed to do homework were left out in the cold.

Entertainment News

The Cat Channel, Meryl Streep might play the role of librarian/author Vicki Myron of the book "Dewey: A Small Town Library Cat that Touched The World" According to the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) it is a done deal. No word yet on the feline selected for the staring role.

Well that a quick look at library news. There is always something happening at your local branch or at a library across the world.

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