Sunday, July 15, 2007

Creating Tutorials & Demos - Storyboards 3

Just a few more words abut storyboards and then we'll dive into the image, animation, screencasting and web based tutorial building tools.

For some of your digital is the way to go. I know that many of you will never touch a pencil and haven't for seven years. I got you covered with two free tools to help you create storyboards.

If you like the idea of 3x5 card there is a web site that can help you organize your thoughts. My Idea Map is an on-line 3x5 card generator. It works with all major browsers. It is easy to use. You type in the idea and the description of the idea.

You can select the pin color and use that as a means of filtering the card that you want to see. It is not perfect. I can't lay the cards out on the board the way I could in real life but it does what is it suppose to do. And it is free.

The other option is an application for Mac and Window users. It is Storyboard Pro. You can download the software and install it on your system.

It will take you step by step in setting up a storyboard for your project. You can set the time for each shot and it will keep track of the total time of your project.

But wait, there is more. On the site there are tutorial movies to help you learn how to use the program and how to print out your storyboard. The price is right, the software and the tutorial movies are free for personal and commercial use.

Next - Photos, photo web hosts and photo editing software for tutorials.

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