Saturday, July 14, 2007

Creating Tutorials & Demos - Storyboard Part 2

I want something more. I'm forgetful. I wanted to remind myself what I was doing, the tools I intended to use and section about alternative formats.

This is what I came up with:

It gives me a structured approach so that I don't stray and get seduced by all the creation goodies. I can decide on a method that fits my time and budget constrains. I have to determine a time length for the tutorial, when it is due and what alternative formats will I have ready for those that will not be able to access the video or audio of the presentation.

The second section allows me to sketch, place photos, audio and notes that I want to make sure that I have covered. Here is an example:

The images are from the symbol font Wingdings. I used MS Word to make the table. You could also use clip art, photos from your digital camera, screen captures or just print it out and use a pencil.

I created two formats for download. The first is the storyboard in a Microsoft Word 2003 document.

I used Open Office Writer to create an Adobe.pdf version of the storyboard.

For educational and non-commercial use only. Sorry to have to say it but there are pirates everywhere and not just in the movies.

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