Monday, July 02, 2007


Some of us work in libraries and encounter the need for translating frequently used library phrases into other languages. Recently, we encountered a situation at the Shatford Library Circulation Desk in which we needed to give directions to the Bookstore in Spanish. Fortunately for us, Raquel was able to help. Since then, she has typed up the directions so that we can hand them out as needed to our patrons. We also keep a booklet at the desk that was prepared by Joanne Kim with some common phrases in various languages.

For those of you who may need help with Spanish, here's a link to an Infopeople document that has some helpful phrases:

In fact, the Infopeople website has a lot of useful information for those of us working in libaries. For example, you can check out some of their podcasts here:

There's a great search tools chart at this link:

Check out the Infopeople site for lots of really great information!

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