Sunday, July 15, 2007

On-Line Certificate & AS Library Tech at MCTC

Online library classes are a great option for those of us working day jobs and managing our families. Minneapolis Community & Technical College has on-line classes for those who want to get another certificate or Associate degree in Library Technology (Paraprofessional).

You might also be interesting in a class that is not currently offered at PCC. There are a few tasty goodies such as Indexing and Abstracting, Ideas, Censorship and Politics - A History of Libraries and Culture and Alternative Knowledge: How Radical Ideas are Communicated in Society. You can check the schedule for class details and start times.

If you know of a library worker who needs certification or is having a hard time with real world classes please let them know about these courses.

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Diana said...

This is wonderful information, Gena! I have a friend who could really use it. I'm going to forward this to her! Thanks!