Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ning and the Library 2.0 Vibe In Action

Ning provides users the ability to create their own social network tailored to their exact interest. I found a library support staff group and other types of library social networking groups

With Ning you can set up a public or private social network. I found an Anime in Youth libraries group via Ning. You also can decide if this will be a public, members only or private network. So if you were to collaborate on a project that you didn't want others to know about then Ning might be for you.

Library support workers (and those studying to join the ranks) should make time to visit Tech United. It has been really hard to find viable library worker blogs that talk about the day to day work life of library support workers. These are folks with on the job work issues and solutions.

Visit Library Technicians United

For those of you that dabble in Second Life and are considering becoming librarians there is a group for Second Life Librarians as well as Maps and GIS librarians and iBrary for Teacher-Library to figure out the new terrain.

To be honest, many of the Ning groups seem to crash and burn out after a post or two. So it might take a little time to find the good stuff and people that you definitely want to know and network with in your spare time.

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