Monday, September 03, 2007

University of Idaho - Information Literacy Modules

There are rumblings from academia and high tone thinkers that state that bloggers, wiki participants and twitters are not equipment with the skills of evaluating information, let alone deciding to create content.

That we do not (collectively) possess the information or critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate the torrent of information that is being produced.

They argue, in the classic sense, that there needs to be gatekeepers such as the traditional news media, intellectuals and professionals trained to filter and evaluate content. These folks would have a certain level of educational background to properly present the information to the teeming masses. I think these people may be called librarians but I'm part of the great unwashed so you didn't hear it from me.

University Of Idaho Information Literacy

And for the record, I have never said to get rid of traditional news media or that bloggers will wipe out traditional news. But I digress.

Let's say the high tone thinkers are right. That information literacy skills have not been transmitted from academia to the teeming masses. I'm just a blogger but I've locate an on-line source to help me learn the skills that the upper crust is so toasted about.

The University of Idaho has an on-line series of modules to learn about information literacy and has a self-test to check your comprehension.

When you get a chance work your way through the modules. They do have a direct application to our coursework and the life outside of school.

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