Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Road Trip - The California Library Association Conference

Well, it is just a few days until the California Library Association Conference. It will be a busy Saturday. The actual conference is a four day of workshops, exhibits, meet-ups, eating opportunities and networking among folks who love to exchange information.

Thanks to the kind folks at InfoPeople for providing tickets to the exhibit floor. PCC LibTechs will be cruising to learn, share and experience a library focused conference. InfoPeople mission is to provide training and support to California's libraries and library workers.

For the conference newbie here are some of the standard tips to help you maximize your experience.
  1. Be on time - you snooze you loose!
  2. Wear comfortable walking shoes, you will be covering a lot of territory and most of the time you will be on your feet.
  3. Bring only the essentials, like a really big bag or backpack. Or a bag with wheels on it. Your goal is to stuff it with every scrap of paper that is available on the exhibit floor.
  4. Scope out the exhibitors you want to meet and then work your way to your second and third choices.
  5. Bring your business cards if you have them. You never know when a job opportunity or a great contact will present itself.
  6. Know where to find the bus that will bring you back to Pasadena.
  7. If you should happen to miss the PCC ride home then know where to board the Metro Blue Line which will get you into downtown Los Angeles (7th and Figueroa). Transfer to the Red Line to Union Station and a final transfer to the Gold Line to get you back to Pasadena. It will be a long and adventure filled trip.
If you want to know more you can visit the CLA 2007 Conference Blog or you can make your own itinerary planner. See you Saturday!

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