Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Temporary Employment at AIM

If you are flexible with your schedules and would like to build your jobs skills you should check out some of the temporary work opportunities from the Advanced Information Management (AIM) website.

Terry Fresques, a former student of the program gave Mrs. Kim the heads up about the following positions:
  • Upper School Librarian
  • Temporary Part-Time Library Assistant in Santa Monica
If you go to the employment page web site you can also see some of the other on-going temporary positions that are available. If you only want to work a half day on Sunday this might be the resource you are looking for, the City of Torrance needs you.

Working temp is a good way to find out what you like and don't like in a work environment. One the day that I visited the site there were law library, circulation and public library position.


Integrity Staffing Solutions said...

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Gena said...

Dear Integrity Staffing,

Thanks for your response. I went to your website. Most of your employment opportunities are on the east coast and parts of the mid-west. Our students and proud library assistants are in California.

It would be a hell of a commute but you never know. I'm hoping that teleportation thing will kick in any day now. Keep the faith and as soon as you have library specific assignments that don't require us to cross the Mississippi let us know.