Monday, November 26, 2007 Blog - If A Search Engine Could Talk is a pretty good search engine that get overlook because of you know who. With the recent improvements and new features it is getting stronger as an alternative.

But what if a search engine could talk or better still blog?'s blog has articles that are worth checking out. Some are educational, some are just for fun but when you can combine the two that is pure edutainment.
  • Hurricane season awareness that provide links to what the duration of the season but also talks about the Smart Answer feature that combines links with reliable resources. It is another step closer to search engines anticipating users searches and providing librarian type answers.
  • Celebration of the Smiley. It gives the definitions, what it looks like, who sent the first smiley and link to the history of emoticons.
  • Elvis may have left the building but he is certainly not forgotten. In this blog post they have links to his biography, his health problems and a great video of Elvis singing a duet with Frank Sinatra.
  • Aye, we missed it this year but you can be ready to talk like a Pirate without having to clime the mizzenmast.

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