Monday, November 19, 2007

Educational Video Resources - Not Just YouTube

YouTube may get the attention but there are other sources for online video. There are are variety of videos being produced for educational, instructional and other purposes. This is just a sample.

SciVee videos are created by scientists for scientists. You can video a video that has a paper submitted to a peer review journal or you can view a video such as "Cyber Infrastructure for Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences - Part 2"

This is not Beakman's World or Bill Nye the Science Guy type of videos. This is hard core science communication, education and awareness.

TeachTube has a variety of videos for K-12, college, university level and for those folks that have an interest in educational topics. TeacherTube could be a great resource for home school students, tutorial assistance or if you want to learn about a new topic.

For example this is a video on how to use a wiki.

And finally you might want to take a look at University of California Television (UCTV). These are programs produced by the university system that contain documentaries, performances and symposiums created by the UC colleges and universities. There are multiple ways to view the content.
  • Subscribers to the DISH network can tune in at channel 9412,
  • If you have cable and are in the Los Angeles area you can tune in on channel 36 or,
  • You can watch anytime view the web.
There is 25 hours of original programming in health and medicine, public affairs, sciences and arts and the humanities. Originally the programs were produced for the web in Real Player format. Newer programs will be in the Flash Video format.

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