Saturday, November 17, 2007

Free Book Fix - 2006 Britannica World Data

I've written about Wowio before. It is a free book service that allows you download books in the Adobe .pdf format. I found two books that might be of interest those of us who need to search in a variety of formats.

2006 Britannica World Data: Nations of the World
just popped up on my radar as a good resource to have when you are looking for international data. If you are or will take Library 102 you are definitely going to want to cruise through the reference guide.

Also available is the 2006 Britannica World Data: Comparative National Statistics with a bunch of statistical information. Certainly you want to find current information but when you don't know where to start this might be a good preliminary check.

These are free books with no strings or ad-ware. Yyou do need to sign up with Wowio (just takes a moment) and then you can download the book. This can be addicting so make sure you don't fill your hard drive with books you don't have time to read.

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