Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Look Back and A Step Forward To 2008

I want to give you some of the statistics about the blog readership and related information. There have been about 6,000 visits to the blog since the inception. Now there aren't 6,000 of us in the program so some folks kinda stumble in or are attracted to a particular posted topic.

PCC LibTech Reader World Map

The visitors are primarily across the United States however we do have readers in Australia, The Philippians, Hong Kong, India and other places I'm trying to figure out where the heck they are on the planet.

There has been minimal advertising about the blog. I do mention it to others and it is on my business card. It is also posted on the PCC Library Technology website.

Many of the visitors come via Google searches and some of the most popular posts (in no particular order) are:
  • Fact
  • Library of Congress Classification Tutorials
  • Screen Demos
  • Employment and Job Leads
  • Belinda Beardt on Resume Preparation
  • Ready Reference Tools
So what happens now? Well, certainly the blog will continue through June-July 2008. I will scout around trying to find the next generation of LT bloggers. I think some of the paraprofessional staffers have a lot to contribute so maybe they might be interested in adding to the blog.

This is a hint that if you are in the program and want to get you feet wet blogging now is the time to make contact.

As for me? I really want to transition from my current day job to my next adventure. So there may be a lot more posting about employment tools and techniques. But I have a bunch more library technology posts I want to make sure are present for the future classes to come.

This blog would not have been possible without Mary Ann Laun. It was her idea and I just went along for the right. It has been a great one so far and I invite you to continue checking in from time to time.

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