Sunday, January 06, 2008

Associates Electronic Library Support Staff Journal

Part of the challenge of writing about library support staff, technicians and paraprofessionals is finding those folks who have the time to write about what they do. Let me tell you, it is not as easy as it should be.

One of the problems is being able to write honestly about what happens at work. For many bloggers this is a big no-no, particularly in employment and professions where personal privacy and confidentiality are held close to our hearts as a mantra.

There are LT blogs but I haven't yet found a blog that writes consistently about the profession that is currently being kept up to day.

The other problem is burnout. If you are holding down a family, a day job and other life experiences in addition to updating a daily or weekly blog you will be one crispy critter very quickly. There are many paraprofessional library blogs that have stopped cold for good reasons.

That doesn't help our need to know about real library work and expectations. Associates Electronic Library Support Staff Journal is published three times a year. The newsletter has a new design and is transitioning from its old one. It is a comfortable read on and off the screen.

Features you might be interested in include interviews with practicing library support workers such as Kerrie Blythe from Tasmania or Carol Borzyskowski's column about having a voice in supporting the library website without a MLS behind her name.

You can't go wrong by diving into the archives. I found an excellent article by Frank Exner Little Bear on Investing in Your Future. He talks about recognizing the paths and taking a good look at possible directions you can consider.

Mighty good reading all the way around.

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