Sunday, January 27, 2008

Business Librarians - An Overview & Resources

Just as a medical librarian is experienced in locating information on health related topics a business librarian is able to located data on topics such as quarterly earnings in the pet food industry, which database is best for corporate intelligence and just what are "Derivatives"?

Business librarians can be found in academic, public and corporate libraries or as independent contractors.

They will know how to locate information on entrepreneurship, financial literacy; they can dig deep into finding the historical performance of a stock or help you navigate the huge amount of statistical information that the United States produces in a given year.

Even if you have no plans of becoming a librarian the following resources might help you to direct patrons to the people and resources that can be of assistance.

American Library Association Business Reference and Services Section (BRASS) is a section of the References and Users Services Association. The articles and newsletters that I found online talk about issues that specifically relate to this aspect of librarianship. One of the articles that was helpful was the Best of the Business Web Sites which covers web resources such as Accounting and Taxation, Electronic Commerce, Hospitality and International Business.

BRINT - Don't let the amount of information presented on the first page scare you away, it is overwhelming. Think of BRINT as a portal. You locate the term you are researching, say CRM (Customer Relations Management). This will lead you to links on books, articles, research, blogs and other resources.

BRINT helps to narrow down business related search topics. It basically constructs the search term for you and then leads you to the results. Caution: some of the search engines listed at the bottom of the pages have been discontinued, i.e. Teoma was acquired by

Business Librarians Social Networking at Ning. Laurie Bridges created this social network for academic, public and other folks who work with this specialized knowledge set.

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