Sunday, February 24, 2008

Free Rice Word Game - Do Good and Build Vocabulary

There are times when you can do a lot of good by playing a game. Stop by Free Rice and test how many word you know.

Free Rice Word Game

The more words you know the more grains of rice fit into the bowl. If you miss a word, no problem. The game will adjust to your vocabulary level and you build from there.

I wish I could say that for humanitarian reasons I return to the game again and again. I am not that evolved. I want to break past word level 50. It is so frustrating! I punk out at 42 and slide back words.

There is a much higher purpose than playing the game. You help to feed another person somewhere on the planet. This is part of a greater initiative.

Twenty two developing countries have pledge 0 .7% of their annual income to donate to a world pool of $195 billion dollars per year. Some countries have met their goal, others like the United States of American have yet to contribute. So whether you want to feed another person or make it to level 50 in victorious style make time to visit and drop something in the bowl.

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