Monday, February 18, 2008

What Are You Worth? Salary Guides

One of the most annoying things about finding a job is being asked "What is your salary range?" My mischievous side wants to say "$100,000 base with full benefits, liberal vacation time and a cookie."

However in the real world it is a challenge to find out the salary range, particularly if you don't know what the actual base level of the salary is in the first place. Knowing the salary range can help you negotiate to a higher starting salary or the inclusion of perks to make it worth you time.

Before we jump into salary resources, I have the need to beg, implore and otherwise strongly suggest that you know what your true budget requirements, what does your lifestyle require and the income you need to support it. There are times when you do have to take the first thing offered but even then take a moment to make sure this is a good financial match.

Certainly you should pay a visit to the PCC Student Services Career Center in Building L Room 103, the online version contains links to many helpful and vetted sources of information. Use both!

Salary Surveys

Pay and ERI have figures for LT and Assistants. The good news is that California techs seem to be paid more but when you factor in our cost of living expenses it balances out with other cities.


You will have to check the sites to see if this includes or excludes benefits. That will add to the overall compensation package.

Salary Information

Everyone should know about Job Star - Currently this is managed by the Bay Area Library and Information Systems. Yes, an employment online resource developed and maintained by


And in this particular section of Job Star not only do you get the links to other online salary sources but what to do with that information.

Other Resources has a full page on career information on Library Assistants. The LIS Wiki has a short post on evaluating Library Technicians and Assistants job offers.

Another way to get career information is to listen to someone who has been where you want to go. CareerTV displays videos on a wide range of companies and careers.

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