Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hammer Video Library and Viewing Room

There are so many library resources in the Los Angeles area it is easy to lose track of them. The Hammer Video Library and Viewing Room focuses on video art and artists.

Resistance of Memory - Captioned.
An Example of Video Art by By Shamus A

These are the pioneers that created film and video art installations long before the Internet and personal and participatory media. The library contains video collections of various video artists such as Chris Burden, Martha Rosler and Vito Acconci. There is also a wide range of books on film, graphic media and design.

The Hammer Museum is located at 10899 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles on the corner of Wilshire and Westwood. Metro Rapid 720 literally drops you at the front door of the Museum. And if you are art staved but cash crunched the Museum is free every Thursday to all visitors.
You can visit the library as part of the admission to the Hammer Museum.

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