Sunday, March 16, 2008

Twitter in Plain English by Common Craft

What is Twitter? Twitter is a free web based application that let you sent messages of 140 characters to cell phones, instant messaging program, Twitter pages or any other capable receiver.

Caption version can be viewed at DotSub

To be honest, I don't Twitter. Not yet. I have enough to do in my day. Some folks seem to think I run off at the mouth a bit too much anyway. That doesn't mean I dislike Twitter, it has multiple purposes but I'm just not there yet.

Library Uses of Twitter

Twitter can be used as a means to alert patrons - Jeff at Gather No Dust has a post on how his library uses Twitter with Google Calendar and RSS fees to notify patrons of events and new books.

Twitter can also be used to staying in contact with special populations such as youth, poets or mystery writers by alerting them to events happening at the library. Here is an example of how the Cleveland Public Library uses Twitter.

To learn more about Twitter for library use visit iLibraian there is a guide page on how to get started with Twitter, some of the uses and tools to up your Twitter level. Librarian David Lee King has a post on Twitter Explained for Libraries. You can always go to the source the Twitter FAQ for more information about the service.

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