Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ground Level Library Humor - Love The Library

I'm almost back to speed. My hard drive crashed and I lost a bunch of links and other stuff. Yes, I backed up my system so I have all my documents.

But somehow I neglected to back up the folders containing e-mail and my bookmark data program. I have the software but it is a special kind of joy trying to find the serial numbers to re-install programs.

Yes, I need a laugh. Marian the Librarian and Liberry AKA Amy have a fun blog that lists some of the things that happen inside of the library. Love the Liberry is a gold mind of the adventures and misadventures that happen every single day in most libraries. There will be a lot of head nodding as you read the posts. If you want the true skivvy on what happens in a library you gotta check it out.


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