Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cataloging SOS - Cataloging Reference Books

AACR2 is many things but easy reading it is not. It is not too late to find more humane help in understanding cataloging and classification.

Libraries Unlimited has a number of books and workbooks on cataloging/classification.

I think this was the one that we flipped through at the California Library Convention in Long Beach.

Closer to home, Cataloging & Classification for Library Technicians is on the third floor of the library - 025.3 K 4, 2001 or if somebody beats you to it you can order at

Cataloging & Classification for Library Technicians

Descriptive Cataloging, this one will be good for both 105A and 105B You can find it at or Powell's Books

Cataloging Book - Learn Descriptive Cataloging

Remember, if you are short on cash don't hesitate to do the WorldCat thing, somebody, somewhere has got these books.

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