Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who's That Girl?

Dipping my toes in here, I'm a student in the PCC Library Tech program currently in my second semester. Come follow my adventures as you get to know....

Who's that girl? No, I'm not referring to that old 80's movie with Madonna. I'm pondering that's what the students in the library are thinking who turn twice or more to figure out what the heck I'm doing as I walk up and down the aisles in the PCC Shatford Library. As a new addition to the Library Task Force, one of my duties is to do book pick-up a few times a week. Some days, I pick up over 100 items that have been left around the library; other days, it's less than half that.

Anyhow, the first question of who I am is easily answered as they see my badge hanging from my neck. But what am I doing is the real question. I'm sure a lot of them think I'm some kind of library police attempting to look over their shoulders and see what they're doing, whether they're just studying or if they have a laptop set up. As tempting as it might be sometimes to see what the moving images on one's laptop are, I do not try to see what they're viewing. There is the issue of pivacy and that's not what I'm there to do. If students don't see me picking things up, they seem to remain puzzled in what my quest is as I walk through the library. Sometimes, I want to just want to say, "I'm just doing book pick-up," so they won't continuously wonder.

Last week, I came across two students studying in one of the study rooms that I'd seen before. The first time I saw them, I guess the girl may have been talking kind of loud and the guy told her, Shhh, when he spotted me. I watched him point to me from the other side of the window as he said that she was talking too loud, apparently thinking that's why I was peeking in the study room. But I was merely just looking in to see if there were any unused materials laying around in there. This time, they recognized me as they smiled and waved at me. I smiled and waved back and continued on with my task. I'm sure they still don't know why I glance into the room but I felt like I had made two new friendly acquaintances if nothing else which is one thing I love about my job. So till tomorrow as your friendly student library page is on her search once again for materials left around the library.

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